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Checkers Food Services

Checkers Food Services

Partner with us and grow your business from strength to strength!

We understand how much work goes into building a successful hospitality or catering business, because we’ve partnered with 100s of individual enterprises and proudly watched them flourish.

At Checkers Food Services, we offer you the tools and support that will reduce costs, as well as simplify and consolidate your supply chain.

Contact person: Vanessa



Classeq SA in a wholly owned subsidiary of Winterhalter GmbH, world leading specialist in the manufacture of commercial glass and dishwashers. Classeq warewashers are UK manufactured, offering unrivalled features at an affordable price.


Our motto is “Warewashing made Simple” and this is what we offer to all our customers, with simple easy to use machines, to buy or rent.


While everyone understands buying, renting is an attractive alternative for many businesses, offering many benefits:


  • Costs as little as R31 per day
  • No capital outlay
  • Tax Deductible
  • No service or maintenance cost
  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Reduced operating costs vs hand washing
  • Hassle free!


Contact us today to speak to one of our sales consultants to get your personalised quote and let’s make warewashing simple together!

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a wholly-owned independent division of a South African Company that manufactures premium quality polyurethane foam
mattresses and upholstered bases. The company started in the Western Cape in 1968 and expanded to Gauteng (both East & West Rand), Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. At our ultra-modern, fully equipped manufacturing plants, we produce most of our own components: Viscous Elastic (memory) foam,
Polyurethane Foam (Strandfoam), Polyester Fibre (Strandfibres), woven Damask and knitted ticking (Lautex) and wooden bases (Strandbox).
The Cloud Nine range of products are all multi-layered Viscous Elastic and Polyurethane foam products.

Some of the benefits when investing in a Cloud Nine sleep set include:
• Cloud Nine mattresses are great for back sufferers as they ensure a stable spinal support.
• Because foam is completely stable once cured, a Cloud Nine mattress is hygienic and allergy free.
• There are no moving parts or rigid components in the mattress which may cause pressure points
• Zero motion transfer between the sleeping partners.

Gauteng - Ernest Pachonick

082 531 2762

Free State - Gareth Ranft

072 278 3740

KZN - Marc Bain

082 707 8424

PE - Carson Lederle

072 148 1476

Cape Town - Pieter Lourens

082 401 0203
Core Networks

Core Networks

Wi-Fi has become a requirement in this day and age for travellers both business and private.  People choose where they stay based on the quality and availability of Wi-Fi.  Having Wi-Fi that is not properly setup, managed and maintained can be detrimental to business, because a bad experience is far worse than not having something. Unfortunately this is often the case as people don’t fully understand Wi-Fi and use not always cheap but the wrong equipment in the wrong application.

We would like to offer our 30 years of experience and our services to your members as consultants, to recommend the right people for the job, with the right equipment.

Contact person: Jonathan Clark

Crisp and Clean

Crisp and Clean

Our primary objective with Crisp and Clean is to become the most relevant and successful Door-to-door Laundry and Cleaning Group in the country and to focus our collective capability on the massive demand for convenience Laundry and Cleaning services which exist in every town and suburb.

The directors drive, current franchise business experience & commitment to business ethics will be used to propel Crisp and Clean to rapidly become the most well-recognised and respected mobile Laundry brand in the industry.

No doubt, we will see many attempts to replicate the business model but the keys to success are subtle and lie not in the physical capability to collect dry laundry and execute on-site clean jobs such as carpet cleaning, hygiene cleaning and steam cleaning – this is the easy part – but in the ability to manage an error free back-end process which is simple and highly productive. This is the hard part and relies on the capability to develop and continuously improve the back-end software system to drive the whole process.

Del Trade

Del Trade

Del Trade has a long standing and solid relationship with its suppliers to ensure product of the highest quality to the industry. In conjunction with excellent customer service, we deliver a complete range of diary and non-diary products at extremely competitive rates:

A complete and versatile range of long life creams and milk portions from Ireland, some of Europe’s finest pastries and a range of other fine quality products.

Quality and consistency rate highly and Chefs will always be able to use our product range with confidence.

DLT Media

DLT Media

DLT Media is the largest supplier of Print (Consumer Magazines) and Digital Media in South Africa.

With DLT Magazines we supply up to date magazines to Businesses in South Africa. We supply Customisable Magazines packs at up to 60% off the cover prices to Doctors, Dentists, Restaurants, Hotels, B&B’s, Lodges, Spa’s, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Nail Bars and Motor Dealerships throughout South Africa, tailored to your client’s needs. We also supply Magazines in Bulk format especially to the hospitality industry. All magazines are up-to-date and delivered in one easy to manage pack by secure courier every month, saving you thousands of Rands off cover prices every year, and many hours spent managing a multitude of subscriptions. We take great pride in our varied selection of over 60 of the latest, top selling magazines at incredible prices. Enhance your client experience with reading material that is up to date and relevant.

Recent surveys indicate that 85% of clients agree that they don’t mind waiting if magazines are available and 97% that every waiting area should provide reading material.

DLT Media – The Hotel Media Platform is a browser based digital newsstand platform for the hospitality industry that allows their guests to access over 800 local and international newspapers and magazines, listen to audio books and access other media content on a tablet, mobile or PC while staying at the hotel or guesthouse.


DLT Magazines – Business to Business supplier of magazine packs containing over 60 up to date Consumer Magazines in one easily managed subscription. Delivered by secure courier every month.

DLT Magazines Bulk – Business to Business supplier of Magazines in bulk format. Selection of over 60 Titles in orders from 25 Magazines to as much needed and delivered by secure courier every month.

The Hotel Media Platform – Assisting the Hospitality industry in going green by developing a browser based digital newsstand platform for their guests to access media content from all over the world.



As an accredited magazine supplier, we have agreements with all the major publishers in South Africa.  We are the only magazine supplier that supplies NEW magazines and we are included in the annual Publishers ABC audit.


Contact Details

Contact person: John Owens

(076) 020-5280 or (011)304-7600


Physical Address

Building 21A The Woodland Office Park Woodmead.